Tecumseh Public Schools Hides Anti-American Bigotry Behind Hateful Policy

The only way one believes that the Pride flag and “Love is Love” are statements of protest is if the person also believes that the bigots and homophobes who are today attempting to take away the rights of our fellow Americans might have a valid argument. I am here to say that they do not—this is discrimination.

The Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that gay marriage is equal to straight marriage. That makes the Pride Flag and “Love is Love” as equally American as the Fourth of July, Apple Pie, and the Pledge of Allegiance by every good American.

Those who do not expose their sympathies for anti-American bigots. What is political about equality?

Removing the Pride flag and “Love is Love” posters tells these children that the bigots are right. Perhaps these Americans are not equal. Maybe the government should restrict their rights.

I must objectionably concede that Rick Hilderley’s email is correct in that the school has the authority to regulate what is on our facilities, but it’d be nice to see this facility and administration treat its GSA students as favorably as it does its other clubs and sports, without bigoted, discriminatory policies restricting their speech.

This new policy might be legal, but that does not mean it is not bigoted in its intent, harmful in its message, and abusive in its administration. Plenty of horrifically unconstitutional things have been deemed legal and protected by cowards throughout our history. Thankfully, we remember them today as those who worked against our country’s founding principles and for voluntarily choosing to stand on the wrong side of history proudly.

Confederates, the Ku Klux, Klan, racist segregations, and maniacal homophobes—all bigots cut from the same white and holy hood of hatred—have all been aided by those who chose not to stand up to protect the rights of all Americans.

Today, we can add Tecumseh Public Schools’ name to that proud and prestigious mantle of hate.

If bigots like those at the top of TPS’s administration treated the LGBT community as equals, the Pride Flag and “Love is Love” wouldn’t – couldn’t – be considered protest symbols. Yet, TPS exemplifies why these rainbow flags and affirmations of love remain on the streets—because cowards surrendered their authority to anti-American bigots.

It’s time we understand the role we can play in the progress and protection of American liberty—you can cater to hate or support the freedom and the rights of all. There is no middle ground with bigotry, and those who believe some bridge exists will get caught in the middle with both ends on fire, an effigy to the spinelessness.

It’s as simple as a choice, and it’s not a hard one, especially when it involves the well-being of our most vulnerable schoolchildren. Are all Americans equal at Tecumseh Public Schools?

Yes or no?

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