Read Tecumseh Public Schools’ Investigation Into Former THS Principal Dennis Niles

I filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on September 22 for former Tecumseh High School principal Dennis Nile’s personnel file referenced in the Daily Telegram’s story “Former Tecumseh principal Niles’ personnel file includes alleged inappropriate behavior.”

The FOIA request resulted in Tecumseh Publish Schools releasing 45 pages. They contained:

  • 9 pages contain “Fact Finding Conversations” regarding the alleged conduct.
  • 2 letters from TPS Superintend Rick Hilderley to Niles regarding the investigation.
  • 1 offer letter.
  • 33 pages of Niles’ application, which includes a cover letter, resume, letters of recommendation, and transcripts.

Below are PDFs of everything but the application. I have also included the four press releases TPS issued regarding the incident, from the impetus of the initial investigation to the school announcing Niles has separated from the district.



From the complaints
From Hilderley to Niles on July 7, 2022



Below are the publication’s coverage of the Tecumseh Public Schools’ incident:

FOIA Requests Are Expensive

If you appreciate the work I do, please consider donating to help make requesting and publishing documents like these easier. This request cost $297.49—you can see the receipt below.

I have received over 1,500 pages of emails related to Lenawee County’s failed Project Phoenix from the City of Tecumseh, Lenawee County Commissioner David Stimpson, and others involved (except Lenawee Now). I hope to publish selections of them in the coming weeks.



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