My Insouciant* Town

My Insouciant* Town

Photo by Anthony J. Alaniz

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Behind the white picket fences
Of 1950 idealization
Lies a hatred for the powerless

It’s a not-my-problem attitude
Of unsavory boles of bigotry
Disguised as concerns about property value

The homeless are helpless
Freezing through a winter
As the powerful ponder if their town values people
More than property taxes

The elites seek delays
Entitlements to their apathy of the suffering
To make money instead of a difference

Meetings of the rich deciding the fate of the poor
Just to show them the door
After deciding they can’t help more

But hope is not lost on the deserted
As we fight a system rigged
To keep out those whose bank accounts
Lack the right figures for entry

showing a casual lack of concern; indifferent.

Anyway County is at it again

Anyway County is at it again

Saturday, July 30, 2016

(Editor’s note: I wrote this several months ago when news broke when Lenawee County law enforcement officials decided it was best to begin prosecuting individuals for overdue library books.)

Back in June 2014, five 16-year-old boys inadvertently closed down Tecumseh Park’s (The Pit) beach for several days after discharging blowgun darts near the waterfront. To comb the beach for darts, bring in extra sand and commission the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Office’s dive team to search the water cost City of Tecumseh taxpayers an estimated $6,600, according to The Tecumseh Herald, where I originally reported this story.

The five were never held accountable as they quickly retained a local attorney, David Stimpson, who mediated with former Tecumseh City Manager Kevin Welch, showing a city employee where the darts were used at The Pit. According to the police report at the time, the darts were about five-and-a-half inches and had a very sharp point.

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