My Insouciant* Town

Photo by Anthony J. Alaniz

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Behind the white picket fences
Of 1950 idealization
Lies a hatred for the powerless

It’s a not-my-problem attitude
Of unsavory boles of bigotry
Disguised as concerns about property value

The homeless are helpless
Freezing through a winter
As the powerful ponder if their town values people
More than property taxes

The elites seek delays
Entitlements to their apathy of the suffering
To make money instead of a difference

Meetings of the rich deciding the fate of the poor
Just to show them the door
After deciding they can’t help more

But hope is not lost on the deserted
As we fight a system rigged
To keep out those whose bank accounts
Lack the right figures for entry

showing a casual lack of concern; indifferent.

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