Tecumseh Public Schools Hides Anti-American Bigotry Behind Hateful Policy

The only way one believes that the Pride flag and “Love is Love” are statements of protest is if the person also believes that the bigots and homophobes who are today attempting to take away the rights of our fellow Americans might have a valid argument. I am here to say that they do not—this […]

Project Phoenix Exposed: Complex Shenanigans 

Read the report Lenawee County Commissioners don’t want you to see. Wondering why you haven’t seen the report for that new fancy sports complex that’ll add a nice shine to our good ol’ county? There are good reasons.  A final draft of Crossroads Consulting’s report has been making the rounds, and I got my hands […]

To Own or Not to Own That is the Question

This can be read here, on the Eastern Echo’s website, or picked up in Thursday’s print issue. To some, owning a car is considered a rite of passage, ranked with graduating high school, moving out and partaking in your first hangover. Being a car owner, though, can come with more headaches than just an upset […]


Ten years ago the world change. The bubble of safety was torn by four airliners slicing through the innocence of the American people; a dagger deep in the mentality of all of us.  We were changed. As a country we were one and on that day we were watching in horror, shock…disbelief at what we saw.  Our […]

Story Time

I am sitting at my kitchen table, trying to concentrate to write this morning, but it is rather difficult with Jack.  She seems to be into everything today…probably making up for being so serene yesterday.  I have a spray bottle to teach her what she can’t do, and she is soaked.  I think she is […]