Adrian admin recommends no vote on marijuana with vague claims of opposition

Image by Another Believer via Wikimedia 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ahead of a potential vote Monday to change Adrian’s ordinance regarding the expansion of certain types of medical marijuana facilities, Shane Horn, the city’s administrator, is recommending city commissioners do not approve any new licensing opportunities.

In January, when the issue was brought before the commission, Horn said he didn’t think such much new revenue could be added from these types of facilities. His concerns then were about the cost of public safety, zoning and planning. However, part of the new state rules allows the city to charge up to $5,000 annually for a license to defray administrative and enforcements costs. This should assuage those earlier concerns.

Granted, it seems like Horn has taken a different approach to opposing a yes vote, saying an overwhelming majority of people he has spoken with have voiced their opposition. What’s interesting is in 2008, when the state voted to support medical marijuana over 60 percent of Adrian voters also supported the proposition.


So what could be Horn’s hang-up now?

“While the additional revenue opportunities would be welcome, I firmly believe that there is a better way to address these concerns while keeping the integrity of our community intact,” Horn said in his memo to commissioners (p. 36).

His words suggest that by providing terminally ill cancer patients and those with debilitating pain access to the necessary resources to manage their pain and illness would, in effect, damage the integrity of the City of Adrian. This would do no such thing.

The integrity of a community is not harmed by those seeking comfort from their ills or from those providing it but is instead constrained by those who find it prudent to limit access to reprieve, such as Horn is recommending. His position has power within the city and to unequivocally disregard the needs of the ill for “the revitalization that we are currently seeing in our community” means he has little consideration for either.

Jobs, money and providing a necessary service to those within the community can no longer be a top priority for Horn, or he would be recommending making such changes to the city’s ordinance. If you read his words carefully, you can clearly see his position on medical marijuana.

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“We are constantly selling the City of Adrian and promoting the wonderful and unique characteristics that make Adrian a great place to live, work and raise a family,” Horn continued in his memo.

Allowing an expansion of medical marijuana facilities would run counter to making Adrian a great place to live, work and raise a family, Horn’s words would suggest. It is curious if his personal beliefs are showing through.

What is most striking is Horn’s opinion that the medical needs of his constituents can be disregarded just because a majority he’s spoken with, whomever they may be, is opposed to allowing such facilities.

If Horn continues with his puritanical ideology of what is integrity, we should already know his position when a new restaurant or similar establishment is seeking a liquor license. Honestly, I doubt we do, though.

One thought on “Adrian admin recommends no vote on marijuana with vague claims of opposition

  1. I really enjoyed your article on JunketSleuth. Pulling the travel data for Michigan was a nice touch. I am working on a project that would benefit from a similar level of detail. Sadly, the site is no longer operational. Do you know if anybody kept all of that data somewhere on the web?

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