Plight of the modern-day politician

Plight of the modern-day politician

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Politics is a nasty game of abdication. It’s most prevalent at the national level where Political Parties and career hired hands representatives vie for prime TV real estate to peddle lies to a deprived American audience hungry for any sloppy sustenance.

It’s been almost 43 years since Political Decency died with Nixon’s presidency when he was chased out of the White House by a bipartisan band of American heroes. Since, however, politics has become a game of winning. Serving the people has taken a back seat to who had the biggest inauguration and overt acts of voter suppression disguised as an investigation into baseless claims of rampant voter fraud.

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Adrian admin recommends no vote on marijuana with vague claims of opposition

Adrian admin recommends no vote on marijuana with vague claims of opposition

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ahead of a potential vote Monday to change Adrian’s ordinance regarding the expansion of certain types of medical marijuana facilities, Shane Horn, the city’s administrator, is recommending city commissioners do not approve any new licensing opportunities.

In January, when the issue was brought before the commission, Horn said he didn’t think such much new revenue could be added from these types of facilities. His concerns then were about the cost of public safety, zoning and planning. However, part of the new state rules allows the city to charge up to $5,000 annually for a license to defray administrative and enforcements costs. This should assuage those earlier concerns.

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The sound of silence in Lenawee County

The sound of silence in Lenawee County

Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016

In recent years, the Thin Blue Line of police camaraderie, which is wider now than ever due to increased public scrutiny, has silenced the good officers from outing the bad ones. Videos of questionable and disturbing police behaviors have increased focus on police and how they conduct themselves while on duty. And as protesters march in city streets demanding justice and accountability, police unions and fellow officers often wholly defend the accused of negligence or remain silent in the face of disparaging evidence. There are rare occurrences when the good do call out the bad. However, those warnings often fall on deaf ears like they recently did right here in Lenawee County.

In June 2014, Eaton County Sheriff Deputy Greg Brown resigned before a disciplinary hearing could be conducted, which would have likely led to his firing, according to Sheriff Tom Reich who spoke with Lansing City Pulse (Print View), after video (full video here) of a traffic stop showed he assaulted a motorist and then falsified the police report. The driver was able to capture video even though Brown had been ordered to wear an issued body-worn camera after a previous incident with another motorist. But in this case, Brown’s camera was not on. While Brown resigned from the Eaton County Sheriff’s Department just weeks after the stop, he did not leave law enforcement.

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Anyway County is at it again

Anyway County is at it again

Saturday, July 30, 2016

(Editor’s note: I wrote this several months ago when news broke when Lenawee County law enforcement officials decided it was best to begin prosecuting individuals for overdue library books.)

Back in June 2014, five 16-year-old boys inadvertently closed down Tecumseh Park’s (The Pit) beach for several days after discharging blowgun darts near the waterfront. To comb the beach for darts, bring in extra sand and commission the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Office’s dive team to search the water cost City of Tecumseh taxpayers an estimated $6,600, according to The Tecumseh Herald, where I originally reported this story.

The five were never held accountable as they quickly retained a local attorney, David Stimpson, who mediated with former Tecumseh City Manager Kevin Welch, showing a city employee where the darts were used at The Pit. According to the police report at the time, the darts were about five-and-a-half inches and had a very sharp point.

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