Steiner at Dreamland Theater

Konrad Steiner’s performance at the Dreamland Theater in Ypsilanti, Mich. was other-worldly, opening with an experimental film in the cramped space.  It was abstract, confusing at times, but his fusion of a creative voice over with great visuals made the experience bearable, if not enjoyable.

Next was Steiner’s presentation of Minority Report. To move from such an experimental film to a more modern and well known one was jarring, though nice, especially with the slightly edited scenes to depict a more political stance.  Steiner visited class and discussed his approach and politically charged edits.  His edits were streamless and very professional. If he wouldn’t have mentioned the edits, most would have gone unnoticed, at least to me.

Steiner’s next piece was Blade Runner, which was less political and more lyrical and covered four scenes edited together. Instead of reading alone, Carla Harryman joined him, sometimes speaking separately and at other times they overlapped one another.  Together Steiner and Harryman performed a poem, with the film in the background serving as secondary element.

Steiner’s most intriguing performance was where he dubbed over an old Nazi film.  Steiner wore a white dress and moved in front of the screen, becoming the screen himself.  The possibilities of this type of medium has the ability to take the written word and performance to a new, almost unlimited, level.

Having Steiner available for a local performance was riveting.  His deep discussion into the medium was insightful along with everything that is possible with it.  This was my most enjoyed Bathhouse reading because of his approachable art.