Diversity does not equate freedom

There is a new initiative taking hold in Michigan that is seeking to put affirmative action back in place, allowing formally disenfranchised people to gain a leg up.

But diversity does not create, or equate, freedom.  When the Fairness Doctrine was enacted, it stated to promote diversity in the media, yet, once it was repealed there was an explosion of new TV and radio stations, newspapers, and book publishers.

Those in favor of diversity, often site that there isn’t enough, even on college campuses, but the free market creates diversity itself.

Some call affirmative action “reverse discrimination,” and that may be true.  Treating a group a people better than another based on race is racism; apparently so long as it isn’t done to specific groups.  One would think that in the 20th century that we, as a society, would beyond these petty grievances.