Negligence – I’m Sorry

I am looking back at my last post…February 13, 2010, and just realized how little I have been on here, and how much has changed.  
I don’t know where to start…how about a restart?
These last few weeks have been rough.  Emotionally drained only scrapes the surface of how my life has been lately.  Friends have said I have been moody, and I have noticed as well.  I have felt lonely – empty, frozen in time, as a sense of loneliness creeps up my spine and nests in my mind, spinning a web of confusion.  
I am feeling better though.  It has just been a very exciting (hectic/confusing?) couple of months for me as I look back on all that has happened.  
Ahead are blue skies, or at least warmer ones, and I am more optimistic about what lies ahead than I have in weeks, or even months.  

Also, it’s less than four months before the Pony is back out on the road, and that, my friend, is more than enough to look forward too…o, and Agent K 😀