Life Goes On (Year in Review Kinda)

It still amazes me how quickly life can change…. I went from sheer terror and uncertainty about my future, to wanting to move to Florida, to who knows what else. Now, as 2009 is about the be a memory of financial crisis, the downfall and first signs of recovery for automakers, Michael Jackson, and others…maybe staying here isn’t so bad.

I applied to EMU, and am just waiting to hear back from them. This May I will still be done with WCC, and have to move on. I found that EMU does have a journalism program, which I should be able to complete in two years (thank God). I am ready to move on from WCC for a few reasons. I think its a tie to the person I once was and I need to break free of that to discover more of who I am.

I have also been thinking of moving out. I am 21 and I feel that it is time to get out. I know I have it great at home, but who doesn’t have it good at home? I know it won’t be easy, but its something I feel I have to do, and something I have to do soon. As for after college, I have not given much thought as to what to do after that because it is still to far away. Who knows what is going to happen