TPS Interim Supt. Rhoades Asked Police Chief To Remove School Resource Officer

Photo by Anthony Alaniz

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tecumseh Police Deputy Chief Brett D. Coker confirmed Wednesday, March 27, Tecumseh Public Schools interim Supt. Ryan Rhoades contacted him to remove TPS Resource Officer Chad Rodgers over “unsubstantiated rumors.”

“The interim superintendent did call and ask that officer Rodgers be removed as the school resource officer,” Coker said in a phone interview. “I told him, obviously that we needed to have a meeting on that. We met later that day and hammered everything out, and Chad’s reinstated without any issues.”

Coker did not elaborate on the rumors that led Rhoades to ask for Rodgers’ removal.

You can read about the school’s contract with the city for the SRO position here.

“I don’t want to get into what they were because it’s unsubstantiated,” Coker said. “It was nothing that officer Rodgers had done inappropriately or anything like that. And when we had the meeting, it was clarified, and everything was fine after that.”

“It was just a misunderstanding,” Coker added. “It was straightened out, and he’s back without any issues.”

Rhoades was placed on paid, non-disciplinary leave Tuesday, March 26, pending an independent investigation a day after the TPS board approved Rhoades’ $115,000 superintendent contract.

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During Monday’s school board meeting, several TPS staff levied allegations against Rhoades, claiming he created a hostile work environment. He is accused of harassing, intimidating, and threatening staff members.

“I am sorry, but I cannot comment on rumors or personnel issues,” Simpson wrote in an email responding to questions about Rhoades and Rodgers. “The board will be hiring an independent firm to investigate all allegations and rumors. Once the investigation is done, it will be shared with the public. Mr. Rogers was at work yesterday, and as far as I know, he is at work today.”

Rhoades contacted Coker before being placed on leave.

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4 thoughts on “TPS Interim Supt. Rhoades Asked Police Chief To Remove School Resource Officer

  1. He just didnt want to stir stuff up in Tecumseh….the truth will come out

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