Fox News viewers less informed study says

An interesting study has come out of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind Poll a few weeks ago that raises some suspicions.

First, there were only 612 participants in the study. Of those 612 participants, only 34 percent considered themselves Republican or Republican leaning.  It seems fair to say that 208 people in the study who considered themselves Republican should not be taken as an accurate sample of the some 2 million daily viewers of the Fox News Chanel.

If only 34 percent of Democrats were surveyed regarding their knowledge of faith-based initiatives, wouldn’t there be some clear biased involved?

Second, the issues that the survey covered involved the protests in Egypt, Syria, the Occupy protests here in America, and the GOP presidential candidates.  Oddly, though, the protests would considered a more Democratic topic to follow, as opposed to business finance reform, or other current economic issue, which would be deemed a more Republican topic.

For the poll to be more fair, the PublicMind Poll needs to rethink its questions to be more equal when regarding news items.  The poll seems stacked against conservatives in every way throughout the study.

I linked the results so you can see them for your self.