Dancing Hamsters and Importing From Detroit

Don’t you just love good advertising?  I know I do.  And when I catch myself going back to watch a car commercial for a pepped up econobox – well – damn, marketing must have done their job.

First up is the 2012 Kia Soul commercial with the legendary and sometimes freaky dancing Hamsters.

They may be freaky, but you have to love the hip feel to the commercial.  Who are they targeting?  Young adults who thrive on hip, and this does the job,

This next one palyed during the Superbowl this last year and made waves throught the media community with its references to Detroit and it’s troubles as of recent.  Some question the usage of the Chrysler 200, but either way, the commercial can be moving for those who know and love Detroit.

Ominous of the troubles Detroit has been through?  Yes.  Imported from Detroit…not so much.  Chrysler is owned by Fiat, an Italian company, and Fiat is far from Detroit.