The Importance of Pixar’s Cars 2

It doesn’t matter if you can’t stand ‘Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), or think the story looses that little something that made the original Cars film so enjoyable.  Just take any 3-8 year old that you can get your hands on to see this movie.  Nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, neighbors (ask first), cousin’s nephews…anyone.

With enough action, corruption, and international espionage, worthy of any James Bond film or CNN news segment, Cars 2 offers something more.

When the Toy Story mini-movie was over and the screen went dark in the theater.  Hushed whispers shot between parents and their kids…“Quiet…stop.  Shhhh!”  McQueen flashed on screen, and I could hear five-year-old shouts of “McQeen,” “Vroom,” and “‘Ka-Chow” in elementary school glee.

This is the moment that excited me, that makes me think, maybe, just maybe, the future of the America car culture isn’t dead.  All it takes is one kid to walk away with this movie meaning something to him, to maybe one day stand up and work to keep the cars we drive, fun, fast, and enjoyable on the open road.

The amount of young couples and older adults also struck hope in my heart.  America is a huge country, and the automobile was the weapon we conquered it with.  Here, we connect the automobile with freedom.  As the government tries to restrict emissions, fuel mileage, and toss about the idea of raising the gas tax, Americans are pushing back.  Smalls cars are not being bought up and people are still seeking exciting wheels.

Cars with pep, styling, and that little taste of America freedom will save the car culture here. And hopefully movies like Cars and Cars 2 will do their fare share for future generations as well.