Christopher Hitchens, dead, 62

Photo by ensceptcio

Even though I have never met Christopher Hitchens, and only recently, yet sadly, came upon his work, I feel like I have lost a fried.

Through his rhetoric and undeniable quit wit, he was un-debatable, a master of words who I can only wish to achieve a miniscule portion of his infinite abilities.
Many may not have agreed with his views on life and the world, but all should agree that Mr. Hitchens was like no other intellectual we have seen in our time and, depressingly, probably never will.
Rest in peace.
Below I have linked to various obituaries and pieces of work that are circulating the Internet.

Wisconsin has some protesting issues, as does Virginia Tea Partiers

Wisconsin seems to be entering a new type of governmental censorship – you got to pay if you want to protest. 

The Daily Kos has the biggest provisions the policy states listed, check it out.  It is understandable that money is needed to cover the extra cost of police, but it should not be put onto the protesters.  It will inadvertently inhibit poorer protesters from demonstrating.

This is a slippery slope indeed.

In Virginia, there seems to be an issue of content selection.  Richmond, Va. mayor seems to be giving the local Tea Party protesters a tax audit and no refund on their $8,500 fees they paid to even protest.  The issue that has arisen is the local Occupiers had protested for two weeks in the city park, had police on hand, and even portable toilets, but have not been served a bill for those services. [Washington Post]

Apparently the Daily Kos didn’t pick up on that story for some odd reason.  What do you think needs to be done?