Looking for a car?

This can be found in Thursday’s edition of the Eastern Echo, or here on their website. Finding the right used car can be difficult. Do you go for a GDI or TDI? Direct-injection or port-injection? Turbocharged or supercharged? Does knowing the difference even matter? For some the differences matter greatly, but when money is hard […]

Keeping Vehicle Costs Down

This can be read here, on the Eastern Echo’s website, or picked up in tomorrow’s print edition. We have all had a $30 oil change balloon into a $3,000 smorgasbord of tie-rod ends, valves, springs and other oddly named parts that many have no clue what their function is. There are many things you can […]

Don’t Be A Donner Party; How to Winterize Your Car

This can be read here on the Easter Echo. Winter weather can quickly turn nasty in Michigan with snow, ice and freak events like freezing fog hindering any commute to class. Even with such wicked weather, a Donner Party-esque occurrence is unlikely, but ending up in a ditch on the side of the road with […]

Zombie Awareness Week Kicks off Monday

The story can be read here on the Eastern Echo website, or in the Thursday, October 20th, 2011 issue. If you hear the tired moans for brains across campus next week, do not be alarmed.  The shuffling of the recently reanimated dead is part of Zombie Awareness Week, a week long event put on by […]

EMU United Way Kick-Off Campaign

This is in today’s (Monday, October 3, 2011) Eastern Echo and can be read here. Eastern Michigan University and United Way are holding the EMU United Way Kick-Off Campaign scheduled for 8:15 a.m. Tuesday in the Student Center Ballroom and runs until Nov. 18. “Eastern Michigan University has a great tradition of supporting this community […]

A latte a day keeps financial gain away

The published version can be read here on The Eastern Echo’s website or Monday’s issue can be picked up on campus.Are you the type of caffeinated machine that thinks a Red Bull is an alternative to Ambien?  Have you ever attempted to attach a baby bottle nipple to a can of Monster for easy bedtime […]