We are living in a surveillance state

From the Verizon scandal a few days ago to new reports stating of massive Internet surveillance by the US government, can American’s be assured that any shreds of remaining privacy be salvaged?
In a program called PRISM, the NSA reportedly has access to the servers of sites like, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and Apple (all of which are currently denying any knowledge or involvement with the PRISM program. In a presentation, which can be seen here, PRISM is said to give the NSA access to email, video and voice chat, photos, secure data, file transfers and more.
NBC News (via The Verge) is adding to the conversation with a report saying the NSA has been extensively collecting the phone calls of every American for the last seven years.
From the trends on Twitter, this will not go away quietly.

This, of course, brings us to a junction in American politics. There are many questions that need asked and the need for many more answers. We cannot let this injustice and invasion of privacy go unchallenged today.  Regardless of the answers given by the government about the success of the surveillance program, without proper transparency and explanation, the American people will continue to distrust Washington.

Microsoft Offers Up New Media Remote and Bluetooth Headset

Do you remember the Xbox 360 Universal Remote? No? Either do I, but apparently Microsoft hasn’t forgotten.

Navigating the numerous multi-media screens that now accompany an Xbox 360 experience is difficult, especially with a handheld controller. Thankfully a remote would be helpful and a remote is exactly what Microsoft is offering.

The Xbox 360 Media Remote is designed after the Xbox 360 S, so all you OCD types have nothing to worry about as the remote will also be clad in the same shiny-shows-a-million-fingerprints black. The remote will be able to control not only Netflix, HuluPlus, and ESPN, but the Xbox 360 Dashboard as well. This remote also has the ability to diminish or possibly eliminate your media remote stockpile by controlling many basic functions of many popular TVs brands.

It goes on sale this November for $19.99 – batteries included.

But a shiny new remote isn’t the only thing Microsoft is offering up before the pre-holiday wish list writing.

Also expect the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth® to be available as well. The headset has the ability to not only allow one to communicate over Xbox LIVE, but also any Bluetooth enable device, offering seamless connectivity to a multitude of devices with the touch of a button.

The headset offers up to eight hours of talk time and up to 300 hours on standby for you hard core gamers out there.

It retails for $59.99 and expect it on the store shelves around the same time as the remote.